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German European School Singapore (GESS) has just officially opened its $135million campus in the dairy farm area. This will help to boost expats around the region. First of all, which parents would want their children to have a long journey back home? The answer is pretty straight forward. Hence, majority of the parents would most probably be looking for accomodations around the area. However, besides the parents, the teachers and staffs would most like be looking in the vicinity. After a hard day’s work, one would just like to travel home in the shortest possible time. 

German European School Singapore (GESS) has opened its new campus at 2 Dairy Farm Lane. The School itself has an olympic-size swimming pool, a football field, cooking studio and a 400-seater mega auditorium. The school is allowing use of its facilities to community organisations. However, GESS is currently not entertaining ad hoc bookings for its sports facilities.

The School Principal, Mr Christoph Zaenglein, said: “We are blessed with wonderful facilities and we want to pay it forward with the support that we received from the government, our neighbours and so many other people by making our spaces such as the auditorium and football field, to be available for community event bookings.” Mr Christoph also mentioned to the school that the students can integrate themselves into the local community, provide more activities to the people living in this neighbourhood. Only then, they will feel a sense of ownership and camaraderie with the students. He also mentioned that there are plans for a professional chef from Germany to conduct cooking classes for local students learning German as a third language, this will include GESS students as well. He hopes that such events will give students from local community a reason to visit GESS and use the facilities. Organisations like the swimming schools and programmes for the unprivileged children are already using the facilities at GESS. Our singapore national hero, Joseph Schooling, has already taken a dip in the GESS pool. The principal said that interest groups can apply to GESS but applications will be vetted accordingly to the values and purpose of the organisation, its target audience and availability of the facilities. GESS wants to have long-term partnerships rather than short-term partnerships. 

The School is currently sitting on a 30,580 sqm land. Its other facilities include a black box theatre, pre-school which can be catered for the staff’s children, primary school and secondary school libraries. The school also houses design technology studio. The studio is the first to be outside of Europe. It is part of a network promoting interest in engineering for the young secondary students.

WIth a capacity of about 1,600 students, age varying from 18months to 18 years old, the 47 year old school offers German curriculum and also English Speaking International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes. Vivian Balankrishnan, Minister for Foreign Affairs, mentioned about Singapore’s long term relationship with the European Union (EU) as the biggest investor in Singapore and its third largest trading partner. 


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