United Engineers


Our Mission and Core Values

United Engineers has very simple and clear cut Missions and Visions.

United Engineers strive to be the company of choice for all customers out there, giving unparallel first class solutions.

As United Engineers do not wish to compromises on quality, we always try to be the fore runner in our chosen market and deliver one stop, all rounded solutions to our customers. 


About Us

United Engineers

United Engineers Ltd (a listed company) was one of the forerunners that was instrumental in the development of the economy of Singapore. We played a integral role in the physical and economical transformation of the country. We have evolved over time, hence, having lots of experience in engineering, property, distribution and manufacturing sectors. 


1906, C.F.F wearne was formed by Charles and Theodore Wearne.

1912, United Engineers Limited was formed. 1920, car dealerships was formed as well. in 1930s, United Engineers played a big role in developing Singapore’s Supreme Court. It is an iconic infrastructure till today. 

We went on to do shipbuilding. As singapore was thriving for its’ ports, shipbuilding was a major business back then. 

In the 1990s – 2000s, UE went on to restore UE Bizhub City Building. During this time, we are the first singapore company to venture into china as well. 

In 2017, we had 2 major players in the Real Estate sector that joined us. Yanlord Land and Perennial Real Estate became the major shareholders of the company. 

Real Estate Background

WIth more than 100 years of experience in our hands, United Engineers had helped to develop local infrastructures such as Singapore Supreme Court, OCBC Centre, Cavenagh Bridge, British High Commission and many more. The Company has won many awards and accolades over the years. One of them was UE Bizhub City. The building itself, which was developed and restored by United Engineers, was marked by Singapore National Board of Heritage as a historic site.

Some of the famous Iconic buildings that were part of our projects were: Rochester Mall, The Rochester, Park Rochester Avenue, UE square shopping mall, Seletar Mall, Rochester Mall etc. United Engineers also managed serviced apartments and convention centres. We have park avenue hotel chains and serviced offices.



These are some of the awards won by the individual developers:

  •  11th oldest company by Singapore International Chamber of Commerce


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