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Dairy Farm Residences

Dairy Farm Residences 

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Diary Farm Residences will be a newly launch mixed development that will be situated in Hillview and Diary Farm. It will be developed by UED Residential. This mix development will consist of 450 residential units. Besides the residential units, there will be childcare centre, supermarket and food court located in the mixed development. The good thing about Dairy Farm residences is that the location is easily accessible. There are major roads that are well within the reach of the development. There is upper bukit timah road and Bukit Timah Expressway (BKE). 

Dairy Farm Residences

Dairy Farm Residences is projected to have full condo facilities. The development will have 24hours security guard services, swimming pool, tennis courts, sun deck, BBQ pits, indoor gym and children’s playground. Within such a mixed development, residents always get to enjoy the convenience. The residents do not need to travel to another location to get their daily needs. There will be a supermarket located in the mixed development. Dairy Farm Residences would be the perfect choice for any family out there looking for a new property coupled with convenience and quality finishes. 

Dairy Farm Residences - United Engineer Ltd

Dairy Farm Residences is strategically located near to many shopping malls and MRT. However, in this section, we will be touching on the shopping malls. For example, we have the popular HillV2 shopping mall that is located nearby to Dairy Farm Residences. There are also the established Bukit Panjang Plaza, Hillion Mall and Rail Mall. These shopping malls provide Dairy Farm Residences all the amenities and food necessities that the residents need for their comfortable living. The next good thing is Dairy Farm Residences is located not just one, but a couple of shopping malls. Therefore, if the residents cannot find something they need in one of the shopping mall, they can proceed to the next shopping mall. The benefit is the next shopping mall is still relatively close to Dairy Farm Residences.

Chestnut Nature Park

Chestnut nature park is made up of 2 parts, north and south section. The park runs from Petir Road to Chestnut Avenue waterworks. The good thing about these two parks are that they have seperate hiker and biker trails, hence you dont need to worry about colliding with bikers. Dairy Farm residents can easily access the parks but if you want to start nearer to the checkpoint, there is a carpark located along chestnut drive.
There are 3 trails in the park and not all of them are looping trails.

If you are a mountain biker, chestnut park would be of good news to you. Chestnut park has pump tracks that are specially tailored for mountain bikers. Over there, not only adults but kids can also practice their manoeuvring skills.

Bukit timah nature reserve

Singapore is a metropolitan city, full of skyscrapers and tall buildings. However, after a hard day's work, we always want to stay away from the bustling city and just let our body heal and relax. Fortunately, Dairy Farm Residences is situated near to bukit timah nature reserve.
The 163ha reserve gives hikers and bikers the space to move around in nature. It has a botanical collection of more than a century. It is the only rainforest in singapore with more than 800 flowering species and more than 500 fauna species.
It is the ultimate place when humans meet nature. During your hike, you might even bump into monkeys and macaques. The air is exceptionally fresh in the morning as there is no roads or buildings near the reserve. Hence, one should opt to go to the reserve in the morning.
There is also trails that will lead you all the way to MacRitchie reservoir.

Hill v2

Hillview is a quiet area with lots of residential enclave and shopping malls. Once such shopping mall is Hill V2. Over there, you have restaurants of different cuisine and you have supermarkets as well. There are quite afew famous restuarants:

IO (Italian Osteria) - The pizzas and their bread is something worth making an effort to go there to try it! They are one of the best italian restaurants in singapore. There are plenty of choices in their menu.

Dean and Deluca - This is the famous bistro where you can have the slice of the famous rainbow coloured cake.

Wine Connection - A place for you to dine and yet have a sip of that silky smooth red or white wine

rail mall

One of the things that set rail mall different from other shopping malls is the looking and the charming effect that grows on people. It looks like a train of shops. It is located nearby to Hillview MRT and you can find alot of eateries and supermarket at rail mall.

Cold Storage is easily accessible at rail mall. It is located all the way at the far end of rail mall and it is a decent size. You can subway, vegetarian food, chinese food, indian food and bars for your night drinks.

Rail Mall also houses the spot for those instagram-able photos. You can head up to the railway track there you can take those photos or you can just take a simple photo with the facade of the rail mall building.

All in all, both these shopping malls are easily accessible by public or private transport. Hence, all the amenities are easily at your finger tips.

Floor Plan

Dairy Farm Residences floor plan is available for viewing. Updated floor plans are in the floor plan page and it comes in various layout. Please visit the floor plan area for more information, alternatively, you can contact us directly and we will send you the information as well. With the new laws from Singapore Government, units will no longer be that compact. Hence, we can expect a generous size in the living, dining and bedrooms. Dairy Farm Residences floor plan will feature spacious living and dining area. This will help cater to more family bonding time.

There will be 2 bedders in the Dairy Farm Residences development as well. This will of great investment value to investors. As there will be lesser and lesser of small units in the market, this would be highly sought after by individual expats who wants convenience.

Dairy Farm Residences will also feature 3 Bedders floor plan as well. This will cater to family with children. There will be a utility and yard area for all the washing. This will truly make Dairy Farm Residences a true serene and convenient experience for the new home owners.

Site Plan

Dairy Farm Residences site plan is available for viewing. Updated site plans are in the site plan page. Please visit the site plan area for more information, alternatively, you can contact us directly and we will send you the information as well. The site plan will draw out a complete picture of the whole Dairy Farm Residences land layout. Looking at the site plan, Dairy Farm Residences will have 1st level as its retail and commercial spaces. Residential spaces will be located above. There will be a lap pool located in Dairy Farm Residences. Besides all the full amenities in the site plan, there will be gym and children's playground located in the main ground level of Dairy Farm Residences.

Showflat - location to be advise

Dairy Farm Residences show flat will be available for viewing soon. Do leave us a contact and when the show flat is ready, we will drop you a call to notify you. Showflat is estimated to be ready by 1st week of november! Do Contact us now to keep abreast of the latest information!!

There will be different layouts that will be constructed in the show flat. It varies from 2 bedders to 3 and 4 bedders. The good thing about Dairy Farm Residences show flat is that all the different configurations will use different type of interior design theme. Hence, it can give the buyer an actual visualization of how to do up their future home.

Many of the fittings that are installed in the show flat, such as air-conditoning, marble tiles, ovens, wardrobes and other fittings will all be pre-existing in the actual unit as well. This means Dairy Farm Residences buyers do not need to fret on a hefty renovation cost. Dairy Farm Residences buyers will only need to do up basic renovation such as lightings, curtains, buying their own furnitures and maybe some false ceiling and own paint scheme.

Explore dairy farm residences

Benefits of a mix development

The greatest advantages of a mixed development is the accessibility to the shops and entertainment. Dairy Farm Residences will empower residents with that advantage. Imagine suddenly you have an impromptu event and you would like to whip a storm at the kitchen. However, you do not have the supplies.This development solves your issues for you. All you need to do is head downstairs, without the need of travelling on the road. You can get all your kitchen supplies and food via the supermarket that is located in the mixed development, Dairy Farm Residences.

This leads on to another thing, if let say you decided to abandon the idea of cooking and want ot be spontaneous, there are alot of restaurants in the mixed development awaiting you. Regardless of weather, whether rain or shine, you do not need to suffer. You can enjoy your food under comfortable conditions, aircon!

The next benefit of a mixed development would be the proximity to the mrt, Hillview MRT station. As Dairy Farm Residences is located near to the mrt, it helps to cut down on time wastage. After working so long in your office, the next thing in your mind is to take the public transport and head straight home. Upon reaching home, all you need to do is do a takeaway from the shops and restaurants in Dairy Farm development and head straight up to your home. It is that convenient. 


future value of dairy farm residences

Alot of buyers would always want a place to stay with convenience. Likewise, it applies for tenants or investing or future buyers as well. Hence, Dairy Farm Residences offers such an option to everyone. If you notice, projects around the Dairy Farm area did very well with sales. Hence, if people are will to space more on what they perceive as good value, the monetary aspect of the property will rise. This in turns help to grow the popularity of Dairy Farm area, attracting investors and buyers. 

Future Owners of Dairy Farm Residences would not need to worry about the exit strategy of the project or the rental aspects. Tenants are like own stay owners, if you put yourself in their shoes, all they want is convenience and comfort. If we can satisfy those criteria, which Dairy Farm Residences did, rent-ability is not an issue then. Hence, you would have a stream of income, not affecting your lifestyle and you can divert your energy elsewhere.

Schools and Amenities

Besides the location of the property, there are alot of factors that come into play. Parents would sometimes purchase a property for the proximity to schools. This can help to save an enormous amount of time. It helps to shorten down the travelling time between home and the destination. As the saying goes, time is precious. Hence, parents and children can use the saved time to do revision or on something more fruitful.

Country Clubs

If the facilities in the development is not sufficient, there are nearby country clubs that can provide you with that. Country clubs have places for meetings, social networking, sports activity, golfing and family bonding. Some of the country clubs that are near Dairy Farm Residences are: Warren Country Club, Raffles Town Club, Hollandse Club, The American Club, Civil Service Club, The Tanglin Club, Singapore Recreation Club and Singapore Polo Club. They will provide everything you need like swimming pool, tennis courts, ample function rooms, golf course, F & B and outstanding customer service.

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